Equipment for Backpackers

Equipment for Backpackers and digital nomads

Equipment for Backpackers and travelers

Going onto long-term-travel´s needs much more organization, compared to the usual two weeks hotel-vacation.
All starts for sure with routes, booking your flight, sublease your apartment (in case you want that) and whatever.

But what are helpful Gimmicks, you could or even should take with you, while you’re traveling?
How much you wanna carry around? the more you take with, means more exercise for your legs and back.

The Backpack

It all starts with the Backpack. The Backpack itself should be chosen wisely. There are cheap option available and very smart and healthy on the other side. I really love mine, from the North Face.
It serves a lot of pockets and I can easily access even the things, which are at the ground inside of it, cause of the smart pockets at the ground.
Obviously it will be heavier than 7kg, so you can’t take it, as a carry-on-baggage at the airplane.

My Backpack serves an extra pocket to hide the ribbons of your backpack, so that there will be no issues at the baggage drop. It also serves a back-friendly upholstery, which makes carrying around more comfortable. And believe me, while your walking at 32degrees with 15kg Backpack, high humidity, and more… you will be thankful for that.

I´m afraid, that I can’t find model anymore on Amazon, but this one is quite similar:
affiliate Link to the north face backpack

The second Backpack

Yes, I travel with two Backpacks. The big one and a day trip Backpack. I love to take pictures/videos with my drone and GoPro, so what I really needed for it was a suitable Backpack. Easy to access, Laptop pocket, Camerapocket with a little bag inside. Like a 2 in 1 thing. What you should think of, while you choose the Backpack is a rain protection for it. But that’s included.

Have a look at it here:
affliliate link to amazon for mantona backpack

Even I dont use a DSLR, it´s the perfect Backpack for me. My DJI Mavic pro suits perfectly in the camera pocket of that Photographers Backpack. Even by using special transport protection boxes for the Mavic.

Equipment I use for the videos:

DJI MAVIC PRO – Fly More Combo:

affiliate Link to Amazon for DJI Mavic Pro

Drones of DJI are state of the art drones and easy to handle flycams.
Quality in picture and manufacturing are even at the highest level in the certain price classes.
No matter, which drone you choose, you will have nice results in the end.

Long story short:

Beginning with the DJI Spark, you get an affordable drone for starters, which is even the smallest and lightest for your travel.

Second smallest:
DJI Mavic Air. In size it´s the little brother of the Mavic Pro. Camera quality is quite the same but there are several advantages and disadvantages.

More sensors and more gesture-controls, compared to the Mavic.
Smaller, and lighter

No Occusync technology. Occusync is the technology to serve a good connection between remote and Drone.
In areas – like cities – where you’ll find lots of connection-disturbing things, you will loose the connection very quick.


The stellar of portable Drones. If you ask me, it´s the perfect compromise out of weight, range and camera quality. 4K 30fps linear, up to 7km range, by 500m height and foldable.

GoPro Hero 6:

Affiliate link to Amazon – GoPro Hero 6 Black

GoPro Karma Grip:

Affiliate link to Amazon for GoPro Karma Grip and Gimbal

MacBook Pro Retina, Tourchbar 256GB:

Final Cut – Editing Software

Easybreath snorkeling mask

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