What a beach! wide, white and look at this water - Bamboo Island

time for some fun in Ko Phang Nga areabreathtaking moments in Ko Phang NhgaWhat a beach! wide, white and look at this water - Bamboo Island
Time 4 some fun :)
beauty of Ko Phang Nga
Bamboo Island is a small Island in the area of Krabi, nearby Phi Phi Island

The Country of smile – Thailand.
Thailand is the country where I spend most time of the year. People are one of the most friendliest in the world,
the nature is breathtaking, beautiful beaches, always warm, food is fantastic and at the end it´s quite cheap to live here.

If you ever thought of living in Thailand you should read my article:
Rights in Thailand as a foreigner.

There are many things you should know before you think of living here.
The Thai Gouvernement protects the own citizens and country well and for a good reason.

Safety in Thailand:

Things I would have never done in Germany, are no problem in Thailand!
Thailand is a very safe country! As a girl you don’t need to worry to travel alone, or being alone at night on the beach.

Forget my phone…
i forgot my brand new iPhone X, in the toilet 3 times… 2 times the waiter came around to ask me if its mine,
the other time my phone was still at the toilet, waiting for me to get picked up…
In Germany I don’t put it on the outside of my table at the restaurant.

Don´t lock my houses door…
back “home” in Germany I always lock my door 2 times…
in Thailand it could happen stay I don’t even close the door, cause no one minds…

leaving the key in my motorbike…
When I arrive at home or go inside a restaurant, or just chilling at the beach, my helmet and keys are fixed at the motorbike. It feels more safe for me, than take it for a swim in the ocean…
No Thai will steal your bike.


What to discover else? 
Phuket, the island where I stay most time of the year
– Bangkok – capital city of Thailand
– Chiang Mai
– Chiang Rai
– Ko Samed
– Ko Phang Nga
– Phi Phi Islands
– Maiton
– Boat Tours

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Thailand is one of the countries, you have to put on your bucket list. Discover the beautiful nature, friendly people, and more.
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