rights as a foreigner in Thailand

Things where the Thai government won’t be amused anymore.

Thailand is very strict in protecting their boarders, citizens, land and culture.

You don’t have to be afraid of traveling here. With good manors, everything will be fine.

But there are several things, which can cause some troubles:

– Flying drones without permission.

– electric cigarettes

– steal something

– traffic accidents

– new law for international drivers licenses in Thailand.


If you ever thought of buying land in Thailand, you should know several things as well:

51 to 49 law:
as a foreigner you can’t buy land on your own.
51% must be owned by a Thai. Of course you can invest in buying land, when you marry a Thai woman,
or you trust someone who keeps the 51% for you. But be aware… If you ever will fight for your rights at the courtyard,
you´ll lose.

new law for international drivers licenses in Thailand.
starting 30th of April 2018, there will be a new law in Thailand, regarding the international drivers license.
Actually were just needed to show the grey paper, called international drivers license. In Germany you’ll get this grey paperwork, for just 15€ in case you are still owner of a national license.
But in several area´s you get the international license for 25€, faked.

The Thai Government known this as well, and thats the reason why, you need to proof, that you still own a national drivers license, starting 30th of may – in case of an accident. If you can’t proof, that you still own the national license, you’ll get in trouble and won’t be insured by the insurance companies.

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Rights in Thailand as a foreigner
Thailand is very friendly and uncomplicated, as long you respect their rules. Good manors will help you to come along and being respectful of their culture and rules. Flying drones can be hard punished for example.
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