WorldTripster at Marina Bay Singapore

How to discover one of the coolest city’s for 60€? 

Singapore is a thrilling city. A perfect mix out of nature and big city life. Strangers walking next to you and wishing you a lovely day. Something never happened before in a big city. Fancy architecture, huge variety of food and hell yes… very expensive. To spend 29€ just only for the breakfast is no problem at all.

So how could I discover Singapore for just only 60€?
I have and want to be honest… I cheated a bit…

I wanted to go back from 2week stay in Bali to my homebase Phuket.
But there´s no flight straight through to Phuket and the cheapest flight was regarding to skyscanner, via Singapore.
Now I needed to decide what I do…

1. Option:
Waiting 5hours at the Airport?

2. Option:
If you ask me, waaaay cooler…
Saving 5€ by taking the second flight 15 hours later….
So it means, staying 20 hours in a breathtaking city.

Short list of my expanses:

– 5€ for the ticket (lucky me)
+ 10€ storage-fee for my big backpack
+ 0,62€ transfer with the from the Changi Airport to Singapore Bukis – central (yes that´s cheap!) First transfer starts
5.30h a.m.
+ 1,55€ from Bukis to Marina Bay, where you’ll find the “Singapore flyer”, Sands Bay….
+ 15€ breakfast in Marina Bay at Gastronomia da Paolo
+ 6€ Cupcake + Water at the same Café 😀
+ 8,90€ at Starbucks for Coffee and a cake
+ 3,00€ at 7Eleven (Supermarket – for Water and little things)
+ 1,55€ going back with the MRT to Airport
+ 10€ for a fast food dinner at the Airport
Sums up: 61,62€ means 99.39 Singapore Dollars.


What have I seen for 61,62€ within 20 hours in Singapore?
– Marina Bay

– Sin city for Credit Cards – the shopping mall in Marina Bay is 100% luxurious.
Marina Bay Sands Hotel – including being on the rooftop
(normally you need to be a guest at this hotel, or pay 24SGD to enter the rooftop in Tower 3. But you can go easily
onto the rooftop in Tower 2 as well for “free”. In Tower 2 to you’ll find Club 55 where you can have a quick view over the
over the skyline of Singapore. The rooftop including the famous Marina Sands Bay Hotel Pool, is on floor 57, where
you’ll find a restaurant (Spago) which is also on the rooftop. So you can get a quick glance over the Rooftop pool,
enjoying maybe a drink in the Bar or eat something of course inside the restaurant. In the moment you reached to top,
you’ll be able to decide if it´s worth it for you to spend 24SGD anymore.)

Rooftop Pool in Tower 2 of Marina sands bay
Rooftop pool at Marina Sands Hotel Tower 2 in Singapore.


Worldtripster in Singapore - view out of the 55th floor Marina Sands Bay Hotel.
Skyline view from Marina Bay Sands Hotel – free glance out of floor 55


– Double Helix Bridge

Marina Sands Bay, shot from the double helix bridge
one the highlights in Marina Bay, Singapore – the double helix bridge

– Singapore Flyer (165 Meter high ferries wheel)

Ferries wheel in Singapore - Singapore Flyer
the famous ferries wheel in Singapore, Marina Bay, 165 meters high at sunrise

– Singapore Floating Stadium

Floating Stadium in Singapore by WorldTripster. Discover Singapore cheap.
Floating Stadium in Singapore´s Marina Bay. Shot by WorldTripster, Daniel with the Mavic Pro.

– Bay South Garden

– Esplanade – Theatre on the Bays


Stations nearby Marina Bay Singapore:

  • Esplanade (CC3)
  • Promenade (CC4)
  • Nicoll Highway (CC5)
  • Bayfront (CE1)
  • Marina Bay (CE2, NS27)

My personal Resume of 20 hours in Singapore.

Of course this was just a short glance at Singpore. But by traveling in longterm, and getting a little feeling for this city,
it´s still worth it to go to Singapore like this. And I know, it won’t be my last stay here… maybe there will be a similar Option to discover Singapore´s nature side at my next stop-over, or when I stay here some nights.


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