Siem Reap & Angkor in Cambodia

Cambodia – A country that needs to be on your bucket list! I’m sad, that my three nights in Cambodia are almost over now. I spend these days in the more well-known city Siem Reap. Siem Reap is not the capital, but next to the famous 7th world wonder Angkor Wat.

Day 1 in Cambodia – check in and discovering Siem Reap:

First of all I checked in into the hostel, which has been one of the best hostels I´ve seen till now. 
The owner, Tom, understands how to find a perfect mix out of Chillout, Hangout and Hideout. 
The hostel is called „The Hideout – Siem Reap“. It serves several Dorm-rooms and private rooms, which are quite luxurious. Next to swimming pool, you’ll find a ensuite bathtub and much space for yourself.

Afterwards I discovered Siem Reap city. The city bowl is a foot walk away from „The Hideout“. Here you will find 4 different and very nice Cambodian markets, beautiful restaurants, temples and you should take some time to walk along the little river which crosses the city. The two old market bridges will be lighted when the sun went down. Next to the bridges are two markets. 
First of all is the night market and old Market.

The Night Market in Siem Reap serves a lot of crafted things, textiles and art. 
The Old Market serves food and weird smells for western people. You will find lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, and of course lot of raw meat and fish. The two last things are responsible for the senses which you will smell. But anyway, theres no reason, not to try the Cambodian cuisine.

My first Day in Siem Reap ended early cause the sunrise at the Angkor Wat was waiting for me. To get up early at 4.00h a.m. I went to bed early.


Since I heard the first time about the Angkor Wat, I´ve been fascinated and I knew, that I will visit this temple one day. It´s well known as the 7th wonder of world. And it´s breathtaking what people build in the ancient times, without heavy machines or other helpful tools. The Angkor Wat itself is only a smart Part of the Angkor Tomb and area. This area serves several more temples. The biggest temple is the Bayon temple. Depending how deeply interested you are, you need definitely more than one day to discover everything. I bought a 3day pass for 62$ (USD). After 9 hours unguided walk through the area, I´ve visited most parts of the area.

But let me tell you this unbelievable experience from the beginning.

5.34 a.m. – the sun rises at the Angkor Wat.

I´ve seen the sunrise, but I hided myself in a quite corner. Flying with your drone at the Angkor Wat is illegal and will be punished by loosing your drone and paying a 1000$ (USD) as a fine. And in the end, you cant keep the pictures, if they catch you. But I couldn’t stand the idea to shoot a picture out of the air with my Mavic Pro. And it has been worth it. Even it has been cloudy, I love these pictures, which are caused by the clouds very mysterious. Around 10 minutes later my drone has been back in my Backpack and I started my tour inside the temple. Lucky me, there weren’t to much tourists there in the early hours. So I could enjoy my time even more, till the massive Chinese tourist buses arrived at 10a.m.

I spend around 4 hours inside the Angkor Wat and these were 4 hours, which enriched my life. The dilemma between spending more time inside there and to know, that a lot more is waiting for you, wasn´t too hard in the, cause I knew, I’ve got a 3-day-pass.

9.30 a.m. – My Tuk Tuk driver dropped me at the Bayon Temple.

I needed some time outside to enjoy the view onto the Bayon Temple from the outside. Even when you’ve seen the breathtaking Angkor Wat, the Bayon temple feels unreal. After 10 minutes I went inside and tried to catch up everything what has been created in ancient times… You will realize how the machines and tools enrich our life, while the ancient workers builded huge temples, compared to the present times, by hand and hammer.

Inside the Bayon temple you will find huge sculptures that show up the face of Buddha.
Even when lot of these ancient Artwork seems to bleach out and looks like ruins in several places, these are moments, which are hard to be described.

10.05 a.m. – it´s getting loud in a holy area.

Quickly trying to take as much pictures as I can, while the Chinese floating the temple. Don’t get me wrong, but I can not understand, why people are screaming to each other in a holy place. And why it seems like, they have no empathy.

I watched out for a nice place, where I maybe could calm down and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime-moment. And there it is… The view onto the nature and sculptures of the Bayon temple, where a nice guy took one of my favorite pictures of me.

Baphuon – Temple with the lying Buddha

A small but very scenic temple is the Baphuon temple. Around 3 Minutes foot walk from the Bayon temple, you will see this beautiful little temple. After passing a long bridge, you will be able to go onto the top of this little one. But the special thing at this temple is on the backside of it. The backside of the Baphuon temple shows the lying Buddha, integrated in the stone work. If you don’t watch out for it, you will maybe not see it. But it´s crafted by the ancient workers and worth it, to discover.

From here you shouldn’t go back to the main road and pass the Jungle path instead. A beautiful nature, calm ways and some little special things to see are waiting for you. Passing to gates, you will reach the Sras Srei – a huge ancient Lady’s pool. The small one behind it, was crafted for the men. It´s beautiful spot to take a little rest under the tree, which leans over the water.

Stay on the jungle path. Little signs will show you, that you’re still on the right way. 
the next two spots will be Preah Palilay and Tep Pranam. From the Tep Pranam you go back to the main road, where you´ll find a restaurant. Food is quite expensive, a coconut costs at least one US $. The Coconuts there are not very cold, but still delicious.

From the little coconut shop, I took the Tuk Tuk to my last stop:

12:25h p.m. Ta Prohm – what a scenic temple.

The heat raises… and my legs are getting heavy… But still hold on! It´s worth it!
I think you´ve already seen these pictures with embedded tree inside the temple. These pictures are taken at the Ta Prohm. Ta Prohm serves two entrances. West and East. The Tuk Tuk driver dropped me at the Westside and picked me up at the east and brought me back to Siem Reap.

You will find here a lot of places for scenic pictures…

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