Lava Lava at Bidi Badu Kenya

Lava Lava at Bidi Badu Kenya

Actually I’m 3 weeks in Kenya. My experience in the last weeks is by far different from a usual tourist / vacation trip. I became part of the Bidi Badu Family. So I met people like Chege, Major Lazer & Diplo and now Lava Lava. Bidi Badu is a calm paradise resort on one sight, and on the other, it´s an entertainment / event company. At the 20th of October one the most popular musicians in east-africa will be on stage. – LAVA LAVA

The show must go on

Normally these Events are presented by the Bidi Badu Restaurant & Beach Bar. But this location burned down. However, Bidi Badu will go on and the Lava Lava show will go on at the Beach resort.

In Europe we would suffer, and freak out in situations like these. Here in Kenya, we go on and say Hakuna Matata – no problem.

What do I do in this story?

My Part is on the marketing side. With the burned beach restaurant we’re coming back stronger and the Event will be positive for the resort, for sure. While lot of people thought the Lava Lava Event would be cancelled, we welcomed Lava Lava with an African roadshow in Ukunda. See it here:

20th of October 2018, Lava Lava is on stage at the Bidi Badu Beach Resort

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