Kenya – Country of the Massai and beach #1 in Africa

The first country I visit in “real” Africa is Kenya. Most people think of tribes, desert and Safari, while they hear Kenya. But the country is also well known for the best rated beach on the African continent. Diani Beach is a 25km long, perfect white sand beach. Diani Beach is also one of the Top20 beaches in the world. The mix out of the African lifestyle and Caribbean flair lets you fall in love with Kenya.

With a space of 581,309 km2 (224,445 sq mi) and around 48million citizens, Kenya serves mostly country sides. Nairobi is a thrilling capital city and serves a high contrast to the country sides.

The main languages are English and Swahili.
Everyone who has seen the Walt Disney movie “The Lion King” will remember to some Swahili words.

“Hakuna Matata” – No Problem
“Rafiki” – Friend
“Simba” – Lion

I will stay most time at the Diani Beach in the Bidi Badu Resort.
Bidi Badu is well known in Diani for a Lifestyle community, that doesn’t care about your colour, religion, sexuality, income or whatever. It stands for magical moments and atmosphere.

click here to read more about Bidi Badu.

One personal highlight for me has been the Major Lazer Party at Diani Beach Club.
The Diani Beach club asked me, if I could shoot and edit a video for this special Event.
Click here to check this out.

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